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10 homes for sale (sorted by newest listing)
3 Beds 1 Full Bath
1,367 SqFt   ($110 sqft)
No Bsmt
Year: 1962
days for sale
MLS 10056116
0.57 Acres
7.0 Miles to Fort Knox
4 Beds 3 Full Baths 1 Half Bath
3,837 SqFt   ($115 sqft)
Year: 1997
days for sale
MLS 10056034
2.0 Acres
16.5 Miles to Fort Knox
2 Beds 2 Full Baths 1 Half Bath
2,564 SqFt   ($148 sqft)
No Bsmt
Year: 2014
days for sale
MLS 10055996
1.0 Acre
6.3 Miles to Fort Knox
4 Beds 2 Full Baths
2,094 SqFt   ($186 sqft)
Year: 1976
days for sale
MLS 10055995
2.66 Acres
15.3 Miles to Fort Knox
2 Beds 2 Full Baths
1,212 SqFt   ($227 sqft)
No Bsmt
Year: 1974
days for sale
MLS 10055897
0.71 Acres
9.7 Miles to Fort Knox
3 Beds 2 Full Baths
2,010 SqFt   ($266 sqft)
Year: 2001
days for sale
MLS 10055793
3.947 Acres
16.1 Miles to Fort Knox
1 / 2
3 Beds 2 Full Baths
1,700 SqFt   ($168 sqft)
No Bsmt
Year: 2021
days for sale
MLS 10055629
0.8 Acres
10.3 Miles to Fort Knox
3 Beds 2 Full Baths 1 Half Bath
1,616 SqFt   ($216 sqft)
Year: 1975
days for sale
MLS 10055564
7.2 Acres
18.2 Miles to Fort Knox
5 Beds 3 Full Baths 2 Half Baths
5,055 SqFt   ($153 sqft)
Year: 1999
days for sale
MLS 10055108
4.01 Acres
16.6 Miles to Fort Knox
2 Beds 2 Full Baths
1,396 SqFt   ($193 sqft)
Year: 2020
days for sale
MLS 10053371
0.0 Acres
16.2 Miles to Fort Knox
10 homes for sale (sorted by newest listing)
* 30 years @ 2.75% with $0 down (taxes and insurance are extra)

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Search single-family residential Brandenburg, KY homes for sale from the local MLS and houses close to Fort Knox KY. Brandenburg Kentucky seems to be one of the more popular areas in Meade County KY and it’s fairly close to Ft Knox KY. Since we’re Realtors, we can show you any Brandenburg KY house on the market.

Doe Valley Subdivision, in Brandenburg KY, is the major Fort Knox gated community. It has a beautiful private lake that is owned by the residents. Brandenburg Kentucky is a wonderful place to buy a home. Cross the Ohio river and you’re in Indiana.

The Benefits of Installing Interior Ceiling Fans in Your Brandenburg, KY Home

Ceiling fans can add a certain ambiance to your Brandenburg home and help save you money on energy costs throughout the year. In fact, most ceiling fans use as much power as a 100-watt light bulb and not only cool you off in the summer, but they can help warm your space faster during colder months.

Obviously, the installation of ceiling fans will give you the most savings during warmer Kentucky months, running counterclockwise. While they won’t lower the temperature in your Brandenburg KY home, ceiling fans will provide a cool breeze. For this reason alone, you will find that when you have ceiling fans installed in your home, you are more likely to turn your air condition on later in the season and shut it off sooner than you would without having that natural circulating breeze.

Research shows that proper use of ceiling fans inside the home can reduce the cost of air conditioning by up to 40 percent.
What people don’t often recognize, however, is the benefit of using your ceiling fan during the winter months as a way to warm your house more quickly. The fan, if operating in a clockwise motion, will help circulate warm air throughout the room, helping to cut your heating bill by 10 percent.

For optimal savings on energy costs, it is best to install several ceiling fans and place them strategically throughout your home. Put them in the most frequently used areas of the home, such as the living room, family room, and bedrooms. To reap the cost saving benefits of an interior ceiling fan, be sure that the units are installed no more than nine feet from the ground, no less than ten inches below the ceiling, and at least 18 inches from any all or other obstruction.

Of course, these installation tips are well known among professional electrical contractors who are versed in the installation of interior ceiling fans. As with any project that requires electric work, you should hire an insured, licensed electrical contractor for the installation.

Yet these aren’t the only ways to ensure that the installation of ceiling fans will help you save money on energy costs. Like any other electrical fixture in your home, it is best to choose an Energy Star rated products, which often offer up to 15 percent more circulation than less efficient fans and can be up to 60 percent more efficient than the average 150-watt incandescent light bulb.

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